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Night World Huntress Chapter 4 Free Essays

string(144) " simply half turned and said, â€Å"Why don’t you go work on your Web page, Claire\?† Then she opened the door and glanced inside\." Rule Number One of living with humans. Always wash the blood off before coming in the house. Jez stood at the outdoor faucet, icy-cold water splashing over her hands. We will write a custom essay sample on Night World : Huntress Chapter 4 or any similar topic only for you Order Now She was scrubbing- carefully-a long, slim dagger made of split bamboo, with a cutting edge as sharp as glass. When it was clean, she slipped it into her right knee-high boot. Then she daubed water over several stains on her T-shirt and jeans and scrubbed them with a fingernail. Finally she whipped out a pocket mirror and examined her face critically. The girl who looked back didn’t much resemble the wild, laughing huntress who had leaped from tree to tree in Muir Woods. Oh, the features were the same; the height of cheekbone, the curve of chin. They had even fined out a bit because she was a year older. The red flag of hair was the same, too, although now it was pulled back in an attempt to tame its fiery disorder. The difference was in the expression, which was sadder and wiser than Jez had ever imagined she could be, and in the eyes. The eyes weren’t as silvery as they had been, not as dangerously beautiful. But that was only to be expected. She had discovered that she didn’t need to drink blood as long as she didn’t use her vampire powers. Human food kept her alive-and made her look more human. One other thing about the eyes. They were scarily vulnerable, even to Jez. No matter how she tried to make them hard and menacing, they had the wounded look of a deer that knows it’s going to die and accepts it. Sometimes she wondered if that was an omen. Well. No blood on her face. She shoved the mirror back in her pocket. She was mostly presentable, if extremely late for dinner. She turned the faucet off and headed for the back door of the low, sweeping ranch house. Everyone looked up as she came in. The family was in the kitchen, eating at the oak table with the white trim, under the bright fluorescent light. The TV was blaring cheerfully from the family room. Uncle Jim, her mother’s brother, was munching tacos and leafing through the mail. He had red hair darker than Jez’s and a long face that looked almost as medieval as Jez’s mother’s had. He was usually off in a gentle, worried dream somewhere. Now he waved an envelope at Jez and gazed at her reproachfully, but he couldn’t say anything because his mouth was full. Aunt Nanami was on the phone, drinking a diet Coke. She was small, with dark shiny hair and eyes that turned to crescents when she smiled. She opened her mouth and frowned at Jez, but couldn’t say anything, either. Ricky, who was ten, had carroty hair and expressive eyebrows. He gave Jez a big smile that showed chewed-up taco in his mouth and said, â€Å"Hi!† Jez smiled back. No matter what she did, Ricky was there for her. Claire, who was Jez’s age, was sitting primly, eating bits of taco with her fork. She looked like a smaller version of Aunt Nan, but with a very sour expression. â€Å"Where have you been?† she said. â€Å"We waited dinner almost an hour for you and you never even called.† â€Å"Sorry,† Jez said, looking at all of them. It was such an incredibly normal family scene, so completely typical, and it struck her to the heart. It was over a year since she had walked out of the Night World to find these people, her mother’s relatives. It was eleven and a half months since Uncle Jim had taken her in, not knowing anything about her except that she was his orphaned niece and that her father’s family couldn’t handle her anymore and had given up on her. All these months, she had lived with the Goddard family- and she still didn’t fit in. She could look human, she could act human, but she couldn’t be human. Just as Uncle Jim swallowed and got his mouth clear to speak to her, she said, â€Å"I’m not hungry. I think I’ll just go do my homework.† Uncle Jim called, â€Å"Wait a minute,† after her, but it was Claire who slammed down her napkin and actually followed Jez through the hall to the other side of the house. â€Å"What do you mean, ‘Sorry’? You do this every day. You’re always disappearing; half the time you stay out until after midnight, and then you don’t even have an explanation.† â€Å"Yeah, I know, Claire.† Jez answered without looking back. â€Å"Illtry to do better.† â€Å"You say that every time. And every time it’s exactly the same. Don’t you realize that my parents worry about you? Don’t you even care?† â€Å"Yes, I care, Claire.† â€Å"You don’t act like it. You act like rules don’t apply to you. And you say sorry, but you’re just going to do it again.† Jez had to keep herself from turning around and snapping at her cousin. She liked everyone else in the family, but Claire was a royal pain. Worse, she was a shrewd royal pain. And she was right; Jez was going to do it again, and there was no way she could explain. The thing was, vampire hunters have to keep weird hours. When you’re on the trail of a vampire-and-shapeshifter killing team, as Jez had been this evening, chasing them through the slums ofOakland , trying to get them cornered in some crack house where there aren’t little kids to get hurt, you don’t think about missing dinner. You don’t stop in the middle of staking the undead to phone home. Maybe I shouldn’t have become a vampire hunter, Jez thought. But it’s a little late to change now, and somebody’s got to protect these stupid- these innocent humans from the Night World. Oh, well. She’d reached the door of her bedroom. Instead of yelling at her cousin, she simply half turned and said, â€Å"Why don’t you go work on your Web page, Claire?† Then she opened the door and glanced inside. And froze. Her room, which she had left in military neatness, was a shambles. The window was wide open. Papers and clothes were scattered across the floor. And there was a very large ghoul standing at the foot of the bed. The ghoul opened its mouth menacingly at Jez. â€Å"Oh, very funny,† Claire was saying, right behind her. â€Å"Maybe I should help you with your homework. I hear you’re not doing so great in chemistry-â€Å" Jez moved fast, stepping nimbly inside the door and slamming it in Claire’s face, pressing the little knob in the handle to lock it. â€Å"Hey!† Now Claire sounded really mad. â€Å"That’s rude!† â€Å"Uh, sorry, Claire!† Jez faced the ghoul. What was it doing here? If it had followed her home, she was in bad trouble. That meant the Night World knew where she was. â€Å"You know, Claire, I think I really need to be alone for a little while-I can’t talk and do my homework.† She took a step toward the creature, watching its reaction. Ghouls were semi-vampires. They were what happened to a human who was bled out but didn’t get quite enough vampire blood in exchange to become a true vampire. They were undead but rotting. They had very little mind, and only one idea in the world: to drink blood, which they usually did by eating as much of a human body as possible. They liked hearts. This ghoul was a new one, about two weeks dead. It was male and looked as if it had been a body-builder, although by now it wasn’t so much buff as puffed. Its body was swollen with the gas of decomposition. Its tongue and eyes were protruding, its cheeks were chipmunk-like, and bloody fluid was leaking from its nose. And of course it didn’t smell good. As Jez edged closer, she suddenly realized that the ghoul wasn’t alone. She could now see around the foot of the bed, and there was a boy lying on the carpet, apparently unconscious. The boy had light hair and rumpled clothes, but Jez couldn’t see his face. The ghoul was stooping over him, reaching for him with sausage-shaped fingers. â€Å"I don’t think so,† Jez told it softly. She could feel a dangerous smile settling on her face. She reached into her right boot and pulled out the dagger. â€Å"What did you say?† Claire shouted from the other side of the door. â€Å"Nothing, Claire. Just getting out my homework.† Jez jumped onto the bed The ghoul was very big-she needed all the height she could get. The ghoul turned to face her, its lackluster bugeyes on the dagger. It made a little hissing sound around its swollen tongue. Fortunately that was all the noise it could make. Claire was rattling the door. â€Å"Did you lock this? What are you doing in there?† â€Å"Just studying, Claire. Go away.† Jez snapped a foot toward the ghoul, catching it under the chin. She needed to stun it and stake it fast Ghouls weren’t smart, but like the Energizer Bunny they kept going and going. This one could eat the entire Goddard family tonight and still be hungry at dawn. The ghoul hit the wall opposite the bed. Jez jumped down, putting herself between it and the boy on the floor. â€Å"What was that noise?† Claire yelled. â€Å"I dropped a book.† The ghoul swung. Jez ducked. There were giant blisters on its arms, the brownish color of old blood. It rushed her, trying to slam her against the chest of drawers. Jez flung herself backward, but she didn’t have much room to maneuver. It caught her in the stomach with an elbow, a jarring blow. Jez wouldn’t let herself double over. She twisted and helped the ghoul in the direction it was already going, giving it impetus with her foot. It smacked into the window seat, facedown. â€Å"What is going on in there?† â€Å"Just looking for something.† Jez moved before the ghoul could recover, jumping to straddle its legs. She grabbed its hair-not a good idea; it came off in clumps in her hand. Kneeling on it to keep it still, she raised the sum bamboo knife high and brought it down hard. There was a puncturing sound and a terrible smell. The knife had penetrated just under the shoulder blade, six inches into the heart. The ghoul convulsed once and stopped moving. Claire’s voice came piercingly from behind the closed door. â€Å"Mom! She’s doing something in there!† Then Aunt Nan’s voice: â€Å"Jez, are you all right?† Jez stood, pulling her bamboo dagger out, wiping it on the ghoul’s shirt. â€Å"I’m just having a little trouble finding a ruler†¦.† The ghoul was in a perfect position. She put her arms around its waist, ignoring the feeling of skin slipping loose under her fingers, and heaved it up onto the window seat. There weren’t many human girls who could have picked up almost two hundred pounds of dead weight, and even Jez ended up a little breathless. She gave the ghoul a shove, rolling it over until it reached the open window, then she stuffed and maneuvered it out. It fell heavily into a bed of impatiens, squashing the flowers. Good. She’d haul it away later tonight and dispose of it. Jez caught her breath, brushed off her hands, and closed the window. She drew the curtains shut, then turned. The fair-haired boy was lying perfectly still. Jez touched his back gently, saw that he was breathing. The door rattled and Claire’s voice rose hysterically. â€Å"Mom, do you smell that smell?† Aunt Nan called, â€Å"Jez!† â€Å"Coming!† Jez glanced around the room. She needed something†¦ there. The bed. Grabbing a handful of material near the head of the bed, she flipped comforter, blankets and sheets over so they trailed off the foot, completely covering the boy. She tossed a couple of pillows on top of the pile for good measure, then grabbed a ruler off the desk. Then she opened the door, leaned against the doorframe casually, and summoned her brightest smile. â€Å"Sorry about that,† she said. â€Å"What can I do for you?† Claire and Aunt Nan just stared at her. Claire looked like a rumpled, angry kitten. The fine dark hair that framed her face was ruffled; she was breathing hard, and her almond-shaped eyes were flashing sparks. Aunt Nan looked more worried and dismayed. â€Å"Are you okay?† she said, leaning in slightly to try and get a look at Jez’s room. â€Å"We heard a lot of noise.† And you’d have heard more earlier if you hadn’t been watching TV. â€Å"I’m fine. I’m great. You know how it is when you can’t find something.† Jez lifted the ruler. Then she stepped back and opened the door farther. Aunt Nan’s eyes widened as she took in the mess. â€Å"Jez†¦ this does not happen when you can’t find a ruler. This looks like Claire’s room.† Claire made a choked sound of indignation. â€Å"It does not. My room’s never been this bad. And what’s that smell?† She slipped by Aunt Nan and advanced on Jez, who sidestepped to keep her from getting to the pile of blankets. Claire stopped dead anyway, her face wrinkling. She put a hand to cover her nose and mouth. â€Å"It’s you,† she said, pointing at Jez. ‘You smell like that.† â€Å"Sorry.† It was true; what with all the contact she’d had with the ghoul, and the dirty knife in her boot, she was pretty ripe. â€Å"I think I stepped in something on the way home.† â€Å"I didn’t smell anything when you came in,† Claire said suspiciously. â€Å"And that’s another thing,† Aunt Nan said. She had been glancing around the room, but there was nothing suspicious to see except the unusual clutter-the curtains hung motionless over the shut window; the pile of bedding on the floor was still. Now she turned to face Jez again. â€Å"You didn’t call to say you were going to miss dinner again. I need to know where you go after school, Jez. I need to know when you’re going to be out late. It’s common courtesy.† â€Å"I know. I’ll remember next time. I really will.† Jez said it as sincerely as possible, and in a tone she hoped would close the subject. She needed to get rid of these people and look at the boy under the blankets. He might be seriously hurt. Aunt Nan was nodding. â€Å"You’d better. And you’d better take a shower before you do anything else. Throw your clothes in the laundry room; I’ll put them in the wash.† She made as if to kiss Jez on the cheek, but stopped, wrinkled her nose, and then just nodded again at her. â€Å"And that’s it? That’s all?† Claire was looking at her mother in disbelief. â€Å"Mom, she’s up to something, can’t you see that? She comes in late, smelling like dead skunk and sewage and I don’t know what, and then she locks herself in and bangs around and lies, and all you’re going to say is Don’t do it again’? She gets away with everything around here-â€Å" â€Å"Claire, quit it. She said she was sorry. I’m sure she won’t let it happen again.† â€Å"If I did something like that you’d skin me, but, no, if Jez does it, it must be okay. Well, I’ll tell you something else. She cut school today. She left before sixth period.† â€Å"Is that true, Jez?† a new voice asked. Uncle Jim was standing in the doorway, pulling at his chin with long fingers. He looked sad. It was true. Jez had left early to set up a trap for the vampire and shapeshifter. She looked at her uncle and made a regretful motion with her head and shoulders. â€Å"Jez, you just can’t do that. I’m trying to be reasonable, but this is only the second week of school. You can’t start this kind of behavior again. It can’t be like last year.† He thought. â€Å"From now on, you leave your motorcycle at home. You drive to school and back with Claire, in the Audi.† Jez nodded. â€Å"Okay, Uncle Jim,† she said out loud. Now go away, she added silently. Thin curls of anxiety were churning in her stomach. â€Å"Thank you.† He smiled at her. â€Å"See?† Claire jumped in, her voice hitting a note to shatter glass. â€Å"This is just what I’m talking about! You never yell at her, either! Is it because you’re afraid she’ll run away, like she did from her dad’s relatives? So everybody has to walk on eggshells around her because otherwise she’ll just take off-â€Å" â€Å"Okay, that’s it. I’m not listening to any more of this.† Aunt Nan waved a hand at Claire, then turned around to shoo Uncle Jim out of her path. Tm going to clean up the dinner table. If you two want to fight, do it quietly.† â€Å"No, it’s better if they do their homework,† Uncle Jim said, moving slowly. â€Å"Both of you, do your homework, okay?† He looked at Jez in a way that was probably meant to be commanding, but came out wistful. â€Å"And tomorrow come home on time.† Jez nodded. Then both adults were gone, but Claire was staring after them. Jez couldn’t be sure, but she thought there were tears in her eyes. Jez felt a pang. Of course, Claire was dead on about the leeway Aunt Nan and Uncle Jim gave her. And of course, it wasn’t fair to Claire. I should say something to her. Poor little thing. She really feels bad†¦. But before she could open her mouth, Claire whirled around. The eyes that had been wet a moment ago were flashing. â€Å"You just wait,† she said. â€Å"They don’t see through you, but I do. You’re up to something, and I’m going to find out what it is. And don’t think I can’t do it.† She turned and stalked out the door. Jez stood for an instant, speechless, then she blinked and closed the door. She locked it. And then for the first time since she’d seen the ghoul, she allowed herself to let out a long breath. That had been close. And Claire was serious, which was going to be a problem. But Jez didn’t have time to think about it now. She turned the clock radio on her nightstand to a rock station. A loud one. Then she flipped the covers off the foot of the bed and knelt. The boy was lying facedown, with one arm stretched over his head. Jez couldn’t see any blood. She took his shoulder and carefully rolled him over. And stopped breathing. â€Å"Hugh.† How to cite Night World : Huntress Chapter 4, Essay examples

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Effective Communication Methods in Organization

Question: Discuss about the Effective Communication Methods in Organization. Answer: Introduction There is discussion about interpersonal style, this provide more accurate knowledge about every individuals who can evaluate their style and even of the others. The online test is relevant in calculating the interpersonal style and the way it actually differ with every individual in different surrounding and situations. Every organization differs with working atmosphere therefore the evolution of performance appraisal process is also different. While doing this online test the conclusion and idea drawn out is completely related to personal behavior with reference to organization. To some extend this online test has helped in evaluating personal style and the questions asked are related to communication and behavior. Some of the questions asked were relevant to personality. Every individual have their own interpersonal style and these actually develop due to some of the factors such as culture, family upbringing and environment. Sometime many of the style and behavior comes out of the individuals personalities because of situation. Here the questions asked are more over relevant to the style that any individuals can have but there are many topics which are not specifically not highlighted in the test. In this test the questions were basically about the reaction that would come out from any individuals at organizational level (Cullen, 2011). Reasons that specify upper discussion, the question through which I went were asked related to personal behavior in an organization. The way any employee interacted with his or her employee leaves a great mark in the development of organization. Interpersonal style is the individual interact with others, it depends upon the personalities, core value and even the working atmosphere of the organization. There are number of benefit that can be drawn from knowing your interpersonal style that also gives negative and positive awareness of individual. The questions asked were completely related to my behavior for others. Understanding the interpersonal style will help in developing communication skill more effectively. If employees are aware about their interpersonal style, they can evaluate their weakness and strengthens. The knowledge of what actually is interpersonal style will help in understanding the behavior of others in organization. When there is more communication and interaction, if I talk about my organization then there is open and close interaction with every employees (Hickman, 2014). At workplace there is need to develop good communication and should have coordination between the employees for smooth running. Interpersonal style helps in developing the behavior at workplace. Communication, leadership and positive nature of every individual can be easily known if there is idea and knowledge about interpersonal style. It is itself huge subject and even it can fluctuate according to situation and environment. Organization where I work has one thing very positive that it provides more interactive session so that there can be more and more communication and every employee has more information about the style. Interaction is very important aspect in every organization, this make more growth and development in the organization (Putnam Nicotera, 2009). Conflicts generally occur when there is different point of view; some other thought process is going on in doing similar kind of work. In one organization there are different kinds of employees work with different type of interpersonal style that they carry. Every individual is known to have their own personality and conflicts generally occur when there are many employees working together for same organization. With one of the example explained, conflicts had taken place in an organization where I had worked nearly for three years. The problem had occurred with one of the employee on the matter of wrong communication to higher authorities. It is completely understood that every individual are different in terms of personalities, some of them get more aggressive and some remain polite at every situations. I was working in organization with five members in one team. We had supportive and helpful team leader who had always guided us so that the work delivered should be of good quality a nd on time. On the other hand, one of the members was Max who had different behavior then others this might have been developed due to unawareness of his interpersonal style, the lack of awareness in interpersonal behaviors will lead to negative style that might be harmful for organization (Cummings Worley, 2014) Whenever there is any conflict between any individuals there must be good communication with the employee with whom the conflicts has taken place. The fact that every conflict should be resolve so that it may not disturb the working condition in the organization (Rahim, 2010). Any conflict can be big or small the matter is to resolve so that it does not affect the working condition in organization. Being in a situation, any person should have good quality of communication, teamwork, can even work under high pressure, self management is very important factors. For example if I am in a situation where there is need to manage my personal schedule then I need to know self management accurately. Self management here implies on how the productivity does not decrease with any conflicts and should know the ways to manage the work effectively under high pressure (Drft, 2006) I have nice way to approach people with good listening habit, this attitude ultimately develop positive mark towards customers. The personal qualities that are present in any individuals can use it to increase their performance and even maintain the standards that any organization should provide to its customers. The efficiency of organization would increase when there is more effort from every employee and the efforts which I deliver to organization is hard work and provide more productivity to company by giving more time. To attract more numbers of customers the employee should think to develop good style of communication. As a team leader, there are many things which need to be done so that the productivity of work can be increased. Leader should motivate his team so that they can increase their efficiency and work to even avoid poor work. The poor work from the team leaves a negative impact for the company therefore this can be only be reduce if an only when team leader is more communicative with his team. To increase productivity, the leader should motivate and conduct training sessions. Training is done in order to increase productivity of work, improve the quality of work. For example a team leader is always marked as role model for his team; the motivation is developed if the leader has specific qualities. The charisma quality of leader is essentials as it make employee to listen to them more accurately (Holt, 2017). In an organization where I work has appraisal process system for all the employee working there, the appraisal is set on the performance of employee. The basic requirement from the organizations delivers the target with quality work and on these basics the appraisal is decided. In short yes my organization set a formal performance appraisal process (Deb, 2014). I feel this system to maximum extend is accurate and effective but on other issue the organization must certainly work. Organization should certainly see on other factors and appraisal should be given so that every employee gets motivated. The proper feedback from every employee should be taken even for making the performance appraisal process. The appraisal process in my organization provides chance for every single employee, so that all of them can have benefit from the appraisal. The main head and the managers should always motivate the employee to make incentive. For every organization it is important to make good performa nce appraisal so that any employee should not feel biased by the system. The performance evolution in my company is open and even the employee can actually check their work. Yes my company always encourages me to upgrade my skill (Attorney, 2007). There are lots more feedback used in my organization, they are direct contact with managers and time to time interaction session with every employee and even the manager take part in those sessions. There is monthly evaluation of from every employee about the environment and the working condition. The higher authorizes keep check with every employee about the satisfaction with their work profile. The direct interaction is very important and the employees feel free to give suggestion and recommendation for the improvement. General meeting and interactive sessions works wonder in improving every time. I am aware about the process of feedback that my organization has adopted; the feedbacks are focus group, SWOT and FAQ. These feedback systems make the link between employees and the company (Floyd Lane, 2017). Reference Cullen, S (2011). What are the interpersonal skills you need at work? Putnam, L. L., Nicotera, M. A.(2009). Building theories of organization: the constitutive role of communication. Routledge. Language arts disciplines. Holt, M (2017). Effective communication methods in an organization. Viewed on 23 January 2017. Online from Hickman, R. G (2014). Leading organizations. Business economics. Pp 3-24. Cummings, G. T Worley, G. C (2014). Organization development and change. Cengage learning. Business economics. Drft, R (2006). Organization theory and design. Cengage learning. Business economics. Attorney, D. A (2007). Performance appraisal handbook. Nolo. Pp- 96. Deb, T (2014). Performance appraisal and management. Excel book. Employees. Pp 107. Rahim, A. M (2010). Managing conflicts in organizations. Transaction publishers. Business economices. Floyd, W. S Lane, J. P (2017). Strategizing throughout the organization: managing role conflict in strategic renewal. Academy of management.

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Breach vs. Breech

Breach vs. Breech Breach vs. Breech Breach vs. Breech By Sharon Mind the gap! The famous London Underground announcement can help to remind us when to use breach. Although often confused with breech, breach has an entirely different meaning. It originates from old French and was used in a military sense to denote a gap in fortifications. These days it applies to any gap, break or violation. Examples are: To breach the enemys defenses A breach of the peace A breach of the wall In contrast, breech, which is of uncertain origin, refers to the rear. The better known but now little used breeches refers to the covering for that part of the anatomy. It is also used for the rear of a weapon in the term a breech loading rifle. By extension, the meaning of breech covers something that is facing the wrong way, hence a breech birth. Here are some quotations from newspapers that illustrate the usage: her patient, at Ninewells hospital in Dundee, an emergency caesarean section because the premature infant was in a breech position but instead attempted to carry out the delivery naturally, it was alleged. ( husband started in the 1970s. She pulled up to the community center, where she would be teaching a class on delivering breech babies. The class was part of a weeklong seminar Gaskin and her fellow midwives were offering to an eclectic ( The Office of Civil Rights launched an investigation following the three breaches and found that MD Anderson had, in fact, written encryption policies dating as far back back to 2006. The ( and a huge embarrassment for C.I.A. officials.Now, the prime suspect in the breach has been identified: a 29-year-old former C.I.A. software engineer who had designed malware used to break into the ( Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Spelling category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:"Because Of" and "Due To" Email EtiquetteSit vs. Set

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Wildes play The Importance of Being Earnest Essay

Wildes play The Importance of Being Earnest - Essay Example It is said that satire gives rise to emotions which are not the best of humans. Such emotions would be anger, hatred, indignation and malice, as well as shame, guilt, and anxiety (Test 1). But satire also gives light to such negative emotions in the sense that it is combined with comedy, so that audiences could swallow reality better. It is also a common fact that people who are portrayed in satire are such that is a chore to be with, especially during the times that there is no choice in whom to be in company with. One of the most famous people who portrayed satire at its best is Oscar Wilde. Known not just for the plays that he wrote, he was also an icon, to the point that he and his flamboyant personality were far more famous than his works (Van Kirk 2). He was born into an affluent Victorian family and was surrounded by intellectuals. Eventually, he showed promise as a writer during his days in Oxford. But his times there were also the factors that made him the flashy person that he was (3). Unfortunately, due to the scandals that Wilde committed, his works became devalued and he was sent to prison, having his spirit and body crushed. He was never the same again, and he died an unloved man in 1900 (Gregory 2). However, his works were revisited in the 1960’s, and he was regarded as one of the best when it came to portrayals of his time (Van Kirk 9). Wilde’s play The Importance of Being Earnest was a hit when it first opened on February 14, 1895. While it did poke fun at the morals and values of the upper-class society, it was well-written in such a way that the elite believed the play was a glimpse of what they really do, for the middle-class and lower-classes to see (Gregory 7). This kind of style that isn’t bitter satire made Wilde’s plays successful and widely accepted by the Victorian Era, while at the same time exposing the hypocrisy of the elite. Also, aside from poking fun at the superficial concerns of the Victorian societ y (which he is quite very much familiar with), Wilde made his characters rather charming so that people can relate to them well and love them despite their traits (Quintero 465). The characters in the play are mostly members of the upper-class Victorian society, which consists mostly of people of aristocratic origin, those who were able to acquire immense wealth, as well as the middle class which had professionals. The poor and working-class people were only portrayed as lackeys and footmen but were still visible in the play. Exaggerations of trivial matters by the elite were emphasized while the acceptance of virtues such as hard-work and patience were showed well by the working and middle-class. In a way, the play mixes such values and at the same time shows that there is an eventual change in the way society works: that eventually the middle-class would be taking over and that the aristocrats would be losing their voices, while the lower-class would still be at the lowest rung (G regory 7).

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Family Cultural Heritage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Family Cultural Heritage - Essay Example As Lowenfield observed, play involves application of all necessary activities in a child’s self-generated and spontaneous activities that are an end in themselves; implying that such development is best realized when a child initiates an activity out of their own interests, and leads to knowledge and development explained above. In such development process through paly, children are limited by their cultural expectations and roles; society encourages each child to play a game that is in line with their general expectations or the parent has to ensure the security of children during such games. During my childhood days, the park behind our house was always my favorite spot to play. I was a little different from other girls in my hometown because most of them played indoors due to a hostile weather. My parents knew that I was born with great energy; therefore they introduced me to playing with equipment such as a bicycle and basketball. This is in accordance with the cultural theory in play, which explains the family influence of play aimed at instilling more meaningful social interactions that individuals adopt in their social groups. With only one sibling in my family, my brother was always my best friend; I believe the interaction in our playing crated a unique configuration of individuality, leading to the strong bonds between us. He was always the one that I played with in my childhood days because we had the same interest in sport. Every afternoon after pre-school, I would go cycling around my house area and after my brother got back from school, he would ask me to pl ay basketball together. The first thing he would ask before we played was to get the rebounds after the shots that he was practicing. I was pretty frustrated as he would not let me play with him, but he made excuses such as asking me how to learn to catch and pass before I could play with him. This

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Stacey's view of Organisations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Stacey's view of Organisations - Essay Example All this stems from one concept, the concept of complexity. This affects the way managers approach strategic management, chaos in their organisation and in managing the complex responsive processes that form the basic interaction between the people. "Strategic management is the process of actively participating in the conversations around important emerging issues. Strategic direction is not set in advance but understood in hindsight as it is emerging or after it has emerged." (Stacey 2003, Ch:17, p 15). Stacey's approach to the organizational structure as a complex adaptive systems which are analogous to viewing them as a combination of complex responsive processes, modifies the approach of the manager to a great extent. According to Stacey, since the organisation is formed too many complex factors, the extent to which the happening in the organisation can be predicted is very low. Every organisation is individualistic. The self organising experience of the organisations tends to make them evolve into a form of their own. Every individual who make up the organisation responds in his or her own way making the organisation all the more complex. Therefore, Stacey suggests, that it is highly impossible for a manager to create a clear target for the organisation and move towards it (Stacey 2001). It is quite possible for the company to get affected by the varied factors and the target itself could get diluted. This concept is also reinforced by other writers. Strategy is structured chao s, says Shona Brown and Kathleen Eisenhardt (1998). Whether the manager looks at the organisation from an external position or from the internal position, the chaos in the company has influence on the way the work is done in the company. This also affects the decisions and the interactions, thereby making the strategy an evolving concept rather than one fixed strategy that would move towards an achievement. More often, according to Stacey, modelling theories tend to treat the number of factors that affect the chaotic behaviour in an impersonal way; whereas, all these are highly subjective and tend to vary with the people and their moods. This has to be taken into consideration when deciding on the strategy of the organisation that is to be worked out. There can possibly be an overall plan or objective or mission and the methodology to achieve the same could be evolved as the work progresses. Sometimes this evolution could also occur when a problem comes up. All this implies that there will continue to exist, the control and targeted m anagement in the organisation; however, organisations cannot survive by following a blue print. Instead, it is the spontaneous self-organisation that moves it forward. (Stacey 2003, Ch:13 p 19). Stacey's Alternatives Stacey suggests a number of alternatives to the managers. These alternatives under the chaotic condition that most of the organisations tend to be in, are the following: 1. In the ever changing context that the businesses are in, it is essential for the manager to take a different perspective on various common aspects that make up the world of change. 2. Stacey views, mind itself can be thought of as a set of complex responsive processes, making it a subset of the organisation. With numerous people making up the organisation and every person is a set of complex